Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Most of these are from the past few weeks or so.

These are some older sketches

Drew this up for my wife, Mandy, while we were dating in 2006.

Concept art for Las Pinatas

Concept art for Turtles


Josh said...

Hey Tom! This is Josh Phillips and your sketches are awesome. It is cool to see you're putting more stuff up on your blog keep the good work. I liked your sketch of mexican wrestler doing a final smash down on the pingpong table it made me thing of the movie Nacho Libre. I looked you up to see if you had a blog a while back that is how I found you here. I will check back to see more of your stuff in the future take care.

John and Kate said...

Is this the Tom Leavitt that went to NAU???

Jason Pruett said...

hey, thomas - I run into Nicole (who was Amanda's roommate) all the time. she told me you guys have a baby. congrats.

you can see what I've been up to at
www.jasonpruett.com or my blog - theartofjasonpruett.blogspot.com

Adam said...

Hey Thomas, I found your blog! I linked you up on my blog.

Seeing all of your sketches together like this makes it seem obvious how you are interested in Layout. Really nice compositions. I also really dig your presentation on your reel below, great stuff.

Take care,

Adam McMahon